Let’s Get This Squared Away

Welcome back, everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday! It is a spectacularly beautiful day here and I feel just as spectacular!

And the topic of today is… Wait for it… Crochet!  I told you I would post about crochet, and this is me, keeping that promise! Crochet! Woo-hoo!

Ahem, sorry. Got a bit excited there.  Won’t happen again… No, can’t say that, it probably will. So, hang on tight!

Anyone who crochets probably already knows what a granny square is.  I was introduced to them recently when I got it into my head to make a blanket with them.  I’ve done 15 of them now, and I think I’m getting to be quite good at them.

Granny squares are incredibly versatile items. Combine them to create works of art for the bedroom (mine is Tetris themed). Or individually, they are cute and functional, as pillow covers, trivets, coasters, table runners, and so on. You can even make other shapes if you’ve a mind to.

How to crochet a granny square:
St – stitch(es)
Slst – slip stitch(es)
DC – double crochet
Ch – chain
3 DC = 1 cluster (clstr)
Clstr, ch2, Clstr = 1 corner

Make a slip knot and ch 4. Slst into the first St in the ch to form a loop. This is called the “chain-4 loop”. Ch 3.  2 DC in ch4 loop. (Ch 2. 3 dc in loop.)x 3. Slst into first St of round. Ch 1, turn,


After round 1, your granny square should look like this.

Ch 3, 2 DC into Ch 2 loop of previous round. Ch 2, 3 DC. (Ch 1, 3 DC, ch 2, 3 dc)x3. Ch1, Slst in the first St of the round. Ch 1, turn.


Round 2

Ch 3, 2 dc in ch 2 loop. Ch 1, (3 DC, ch 2, 3 DC. Ch 1, 3 DC, ch 1.) x 3. Slst into first St of round. Ch 1, turn.


Round 3

To continue with the granny square, each successive round increases by one cluster each side. Follow the same instructions as above. Make sure that you ch 1 on the sides and ch 2 on the corners.

To finish the square, snip the tale and pull it through the loop. Tighten it down. Weave the ends in.


Finished with a slip knot.

That’s all, folks! How-to: crochet a granny square. I hope you enjoyed this rather long post, and that it’s useful to you. I’d love to hear about your experiences!


The Finished Product!

Amber, over and out.


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